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Arcade stick

Parts list:

  • 1x polycarbonate compact sheet 340mm x 250mm x 4mm
  • 2x plywood 340mm x 250mm x 10mm (for a lightweight box)
  • 2x MDF 370mm x 70mm x 15mm
  • 2x MDF 280mm x 70mm x 15mm
  • 1x joystick Sanwa JLF-TP, white
  • 6x buttons Seimitsu 30mm, white
  • 2x buttons Seimitsu 30mm, black
  • 2x buttons Seimitsu 24mm, white
  • 1x button Seimitsu 24mm, green
  • 4x green leds, 3mm diameter
  • 1x Xbox360 wired controller

Holes position:

holes on polycarbonate

It will look almost like this (of course the stick has a sphere on top): project on Google SketchUp WIP without the most important parts... pushbuttons and stick :( work in progress And finally, after a long waiting, the final result. It also works :O arcade stick completed

Here is a short video that shows the whole case.